Hand Car Wash & Detailing

40 years experience doesn’t lie. The Car Spa Mt Gravatt is a hand car wash and detailing business using the latest technology in cleaning products. No abrasive bristles or automated machines, just the safe, gentle touch of the human hands.

Your car is much more than a mere means to get you to and from wherever you need to go and regardless of the type of car you drive, it is still among your most prized possessions. You should treat your vehicle as the investment it is by ensuring you keep up with the car’s maintenance as well as proper care. We will maintain and treat your car with the gentle touch it deserves while maintaining attention to detail.

Our Car wash is 100% by hand. No machines or brushes that scratch your car. Our hand car wash has no height or size restrictions. We also have no restrictions with 4WD awnings.

Our CarSpa Services

Car Detailing
Paint Touch-ups
Leather Treatment
Dent Removal

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