Welcome to the CarSpa and Pups&Cups Cafe

We provide a variety of full service washes that clean your car inside and out or detail packages for a completely pampered car while you savour your favourite coffee and your pets getting groomed.

All in one place!


Car Spa

Do you like your car? Don’t neglect the importance of hand car wash and try our new revolutionary car cleaning system!



Convenient On-Site Cafe allows you to sit, relax and enjoy a delicious coffee, while we wash your car for you.


Pet Grooming

We are equipped with everything that you need to make your beloved pet is silky and smooth. Our team will take care of that!

Get in Touch!!!

We give best service

Step one.Call Us or Book with Us

Our operators gladly answer all your questions about the process. They’ll find the best time from Mon to Sat 8AM to 5PM & Sun 8AM to 4PM to fulfil your needs.

Step two. Dent Removal & Paint Touch Up


A few moments and we remove all dents and you are a happy owner of a car that looks like new.

Step three. Shampooing of Seats & Carpets


We use the best car wash products to remove the excess dirt and eliminate the odour!

Step four. Brilliant Wash & Detailing


A full range of car detailing services is available for every model with excellent value for every budget!

Step Five. Pet Grooming


We have grooming salon with doggy daycare next to our cafe/ car wash. While waiting for your car to get cleaned you can also groom your pet.

Step Six. Free Wi-Fi, Tv, Cafe


We are happy to provide snacks and drinks along with some TV shows and free Wi-Fi in cafe, while you are waiting for a car.

Step Seven. Clean Car, Enjoy the Cafe & Clear Car


One-stop-shop to enjoy your coffee while your car and fur kid gets cleaned.

Wash Packages

Express Wash
Snow Cannon ultra-soap
Hand dry
Exterior windows
Wheel Clean
Tyre shine

Sedan – $30 Wagon- $35 4WD -$40

Snow Cannon ultra-soap
Hand dry
Inside and out windows cleaned
Wheel Clean
Tyre shine
Vacuum inside including boot
Dash and Console wiped and dusted

Sedan $50 Wagon $55 4WD $60

Snow Cannon ultra-soap
Hand dry
Exterior windows and exterior Windows cleaned
Wheel Clean
Tyre shine
Vacuum inside including Vacuumed
Dash, Console and trim wiped dusted
And Armored

Sedan $70 Wagon $75 4WD $80

What our Clients Say

I use their sister business, D&W Detailing, run by the same people. So this place will be awesome for sure.

Richard Comer

Car Owner

Today I took my car, the weekend thrash car, to the car spa Mt Gravatt. To say it was in a terrible state of untidiness is an understatement. My car was full of dog hair and various sand from various beaches. I was absolutely ecstatic at the amazing detail done by the team at the car spa. My car looks brand new inside and out. Outstanding service at an unbelievably good price. Thanks so much

Reggie Regan

Car Owner

Thank you guys for an awesome clean of my car, it was well overdue and didn’t have time, you all have done a great job! Keep it up!

Francis Jayawardene

Car Owner